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Why bluenetwork?

Our experiences with our clients show that many companies face several problems with IT. Your computer doesn’t work well, the application freezes, the network keeps disconnecting, receiving crypto scams or your company computers are out-of-date and at risk?
For this reason, we designed a service that helps other businesses to manage all of their IT needs. All our processes are tailored to the specific needs of each enterprise, making our services more effective and increasing your business to the highest level!
We work for you 24/7, monitoring your computers, network, backups, crypto prevent, and more. We will take care of it, so you can focus on your work and what you know best. 
We offer our own proprietary software solution, which includes:
• Cloud backups (with many days recovery options)
• Live backups ( the most recent copy ~30 – 60mins)
• Computer monitoring with malware protecting system
• Network and server monitoring
• Security audit and updates
You can read more about it here

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