Cloud backup

Your valuable data and applications are stored in a secure environment that allows you to access them whenever you need to. You can access your data from anywhere, from the office, working from home or on a business trip.

Virtual Windows desktop

We offer best and stable running of Windows VPS. For our Windows host servers we use mostly RAID disc array and our Cloud Backup to keep your data safe.

The most professional solutions offered to our customers. From free installation of VPSes, through unlimited bandwidth, access via Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) along with administrator privileges. Furthermore, besides the best prices on the market, 99% uptime guaranteed, possible free testing and 24h technical support and system monitoring.

Cloud Server Infrastructure

Move your servers and databases to the cloud. This will give you increased security, scalable performance, and access to resources from the office or approved devices outside the office. Access to data is possible via a secure internet connection.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Enterprise solutions to your businesses in the form of an easy to deploy appliance that incorporates local backup, cloud backup, object-level xchange restore, and offers a local and cloud server business continuity option.

The solution is designed to grow with your needs and there is no initial hardware purchase required to get started.