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IT outsourcing – what it is and what are its benefits.

By Przemek

Today it is hard to imagine a company functioning without computers, software, IT network, away from modern technologies.  Consequently, someone has to watch over all of it, control the proper operation of systems, solve possible problems and failures.  It seems logical to hire adequate and qualified staff to take over these responsibilities.  Companies have more and more troubles with finding the right staff – there are few good specialists on the market and maintaining them equals high costs.

However, this is not the only option.  Our services were created for such companies, those which are modern and willing to develop. 

What is it and how does it work? 


IT outsourcing is nothing more than outsourcing IT services to an external company.  Outsourcing is a solution that works well not only in the case of IT services, but also legal, accounting, financial, insurance, etc. Wherever a computer is necessary for our work.

In the era of widespread computerization and digitization, which is progressing at a very fast pace, entrepreneurs are forced to keep up with technology in order not to be left behind.  This is an element that often determines the competitiveness and pace of development of the company.  New technologies and IT solutions mean new, greater opportunities. opportunities and practical support for entrepreneurs.  Regardless of the industry and sector in which the company operates.  IT outsourcing helps to use this potential.


Cooperate with us and use our trademark solutions


Cloud Backup: nowadays, working without a backup is unimaginable, and the lack of it can bring a company huge damage and costs, sometimes so large that it may sometimes even lead to bankruptcy of companies.  As our customer, you will get access to the Cloud Backup solution from us.  Your data is backed up locally and externally on our company’s servers in the US and Europe.


Why is it so important?


  • With ransomeware attacks, the backup is often damaged by hackers and the rest of the files throughout the company are encrypted.  It is practically impossible to recover such data, the only option is to pay a hefty fee for hackers to decode lost files.  
  • In the event of any disasters (flooding, fires, thef, natural disasters, etc.) your data is still safe! 
  • We keep backups daily 30 days, weekly, monthly and then yearly.  So you can access your files even a year back !

Live backups: it means mirroring your data and sending it to our servers as they change.  Thanks to this, we are able to launch your company’s servers, services, appliations even computers in a very short time.

BNguard: In order for your computers and network to be monitored 24/7, we have created our innovative software.  Thanks to which we are able to monitor the work of your servers, computers and networks.  We are informed on an ongoing basis about the work of your company from the IT side, thanks to which we can detect and remove failures before they appear.  The cryptoprevent option, which is able to protect your data during a crypto-malware attack on your company, can also be praised.  This solution is only available to our customers!

Optimization, automation:  If you have any processes in your company that requires continuous generation, creating some processes / files.  Our team of IT specialists is ready to do the automation for you!


Overall Benefits:


Minimizing company costs – Especially those related to employing their own IT specialists, but not only.  By using our services, we do not have to keep our own employees, create additional jobs for them, pay their wages, contributions and taxes.  There is no need to incur costs related to improving their qualifications, training, etc.

Constant access to a team of specialists – instead of having one IT technician in the company, you gain access to the entire team.  They are often people with different specializations, which gives additional opportunities.  It allows for comprehensive support – often on various levels and in different areas.

Outsourcing is a flexible solution – it depends on individual arrangements and needs.  The scope of cooperation can be flexibly adapted to real business expectations, which means that the client pays only for the support he needs.  Of course, the conditions can also be negotiated during the cooperation, which is especially important when the company is dynamically developing, and with the development new needs, challenges, goals and technologies appear. 

Access to modern solutions and software – outsourcing equalizes the chances of keeping up with the technology.  You do not need to spend your own time and commitment to stay up to date with technological innovations and use the best IT solutions, software and business applications.

Ongoing IT consulting and support – not only for the management staff, but also for all employees in the company who gain access to the support they need at the moment.  It is also a real help in choosing the company’s equipment (printer, computer, etc.).

Increasing IT security in the company – technological development is also accompanied by an increase in threats and cybercrimes.  IT security in the company has probably never been so important before.  Thanks to the professional care of IT specialists, thanks to IT monitoring, it is easier to minimize the risk of failures and threats.  Your software will always be up to date.

Better organization in the company – both when it comes to the division of duties, responsibilities and competences, but also when we take into account the finances and planning of the company’s budget.  When deciding on IT services of an IT company, we have clearly defined conditions.  Planning expenses becomes easier and more predictable.

Quick response time in the event of a failure – imagine a simple situation – Monday morning, your IT specialist fell ill, and the internet in your company stopped working for unknown reasons.  Maintaining the continuity of the most important activities and business processes is one of the most important arguments.  After all, any downtime is a big risk of financial loss.  By using the support of an external company, you minimize this risk.

It is easier to focus on the essence of running a business – IT outsourcing is a great relief for entrepreneurs.  It is easier to focus on the company’s development and other processes, and leave IT-related issues to specialists who have experience and appropriate knowledge.


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